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innisfree, meaning "an island giving freedom and life to our skin", is Korea’s first naturalism beauty brand committed to providing customers with healthy beauty inspired by the pristine nature of Jeju island. Clear fresh air, soft warm sunlight, fertile volcanic soil, and pure clean water : Jeju island, the home of these four energies of nature, is full of pure and genuine beauty that innisfree aims to deliver to its customers. Including its green tea, orchid and volcanic scoria line, innisfree offers outstanding products that use natural ingredients embodying the clean and pure environment of Jeju island, at reasonable prices. innisfree is loved, adored, and trusted by many customers from all over the world, and also pursues harmony between green nature and healthy beauty, dedicated to spreading an eco-friendly green life. With the wonders of nature at its heart, innisfree takes great care to preserve and protect the environment in everything it does.

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