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acwell Real Aqua Balancing Lotion

acwell Real Aqua Balancing Lotion

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Ideal For
All Skin Types
Those who want to add softness to skin.

Those with oily skin.

Jeju Camellia Japonica Extract: controls excessive oiliness.
Glyceryl Glucoside: moisturizes your skin.

-Texture that touches the skin softly is deeply moisturized.

-Keeping out the excess oil and just fills in moisture all day long.

-Protects the sensitive skin texture, absorbing into your skin rapidly.

-The best balance of oil and moisture, keep it fresh all day long.

-Contains a water-repelling resurrection plant, which provides only moisture without any apparent oiliness.

-Recommend for who have oily skin on the outside but troubled by the dryness inside of the skin.

How to Use
Apply an appropriate amount to your entire face.

Volume 140ml

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