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belif Numero 10 Essence

belif Numero 10 Essence

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Ideal For
Those with dry skin.
Those looking for an essence for all skin types.
Those who want to hydrate skin 10 seconds after facial wash.

Selaginella Tamariscina Extract: adds moisture to your skin quickly after use.
This product is Mineral Oils, Synthetic fragrances, Synthetic dyes and Animal-based ingredients free.

Comes in a light essence texture for quick absorption.
This product is dermatologically tested.

Moisture evaporates within 10 seconds after washing your face! You can now retain skin moisture levels with belif's Numero 10 essence. Containing the herb rose of Jericho, this essence locks up moisture and increases skin hydration level in 10 seconds - keeps the skin hydrated and even boosts the effects of the next skin care product.

How to Use
Immediately after washing your face, gently remove moisture with a towel, pump 2-3 times while still moist, take an appropriate amount, and apply evenly along the skin texture. After use, perform basic skin care in the order you normally use.


Volume 75ml

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