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enuf proj

enuf proj(Enough Project) Cleansing Oil

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  • ONE ROUND DEEP CLEANSING: Do you want all your makeup removed without multiple cleansing applications? Give your skin the gift of deep cleansing - our cleansing oil quickly lifts makeup from the skin, leaving behind a radiant, non-greasy complexion.
  • NATURAL & VEGAN-FRIENDLY FORMULA: All of our products support the environment. What does that mean for your skin? A natural formula that is suitable for all age groups to apply to their skin. Our cleansing oil is perfect for your vegan lifestyle; no animal ingredients and no unnecessary animal testing goes into making our product.
  • SKIN NOURISHING CLEANSING OIL: A combination of coconut oil, mentha arvensis, and cacao seed butter, make removing makeup from your skin simple. But that’s not all! Applying our cleanser helps to remove blackheads, excess sebum, and then moisturize your face and make your skin clean.
  • ATTRACTIVE YELLOW TINGED OIL: Our plant-based oil comes in a refreshing bright-yellow color. All genders can enjoy the natural goodness of our soft oil. The light and subtle smell of our oil is also a low allergy product - perfect for women and men who want a refreshing aroma and deep cleansing.
  • ALL SKIN TYPES & AGE GROUPS: your skin will love the natural ingredients of the cleansing oil. You can apply our oil to dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin, and any combination of these skin types. And no matter what age you are, your skin will be suitable for our deep cleansing oil.