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innisfree Soybean Energy Lotion EX

innisfree Soybean Energy Lotion EX

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This lotion formulated with antioxidant-rich fermented soybean extract and oil from Jeju Island helps to improve skin texture for a firmer, healthier looking skin

1. Highly concentrated fermented Jeju soybean extract firms the skin

Highly concentrated (with 4-step concentration process) fermented Jeju soybean extract firms the skin.

2. Fermented Jeju soybean oil is added to make the skin firm and radiant

Micro-sided particles of the fermented Jeju soybean oil strengthen the skin barrier and replenish the skin with healthy radiance.

3. Deeply nourishing, perfectly adhering lotion

Botanical-derived squalane moisturises the skin, and its soft texture helps the formula fit to the skin for non-sticky absorption.

4. 6-free system

Free from 6 harmful additives such as parabens, animal ingredients, mineral oil, synthetic color, imidazolidinyl urea and synthetic fragrance



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