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It'S SKIN Mad Pore Scrub Foam

It'S SKIN Mad Pore Scrub Foam

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  • SCRUB AWAY ALL IMPURITIES - Salt scrubs (sodium chloride) and plenty amount of foam work together to clean up all clogged pores.
  • EFFECTIVELY WASHES AWAY DEAD SKIN - Contains Black widow bark extract and Papaya extract that are effective for removing dead skin.
  • IRRITATION FREE - Made with plant derivatives (Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel, Bamboo Extract). A true 'Medi-Pore Formula' that offers skin cleansing with no irritation whatsoever.
  • GREAT FOR EVERYDAY USE - Do you put makeup on everyday? Then you will probably remove it everyday as well. This cleansing foam provides the advantage of safe everyday cleansing by providing a blast of moisture after washing.
  • NO PARABENS - All It'S SKIN products are free from harmful substances.


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