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NATURE REPUBLIC California Aloe Vera Hand Cream

NATURE REPUBLIC California Aloe Vera Hand Cream

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  • CALIFORNIA ALOE VERA HAND CREAM ingredients come from California’s most celebrated aloe vera leaf extract. Also, NATURE REPUBLIC did their best to minimize the artificial ingredients. You will be satisfied with pure aloe vera. Your hands will look moisturized than ever!
  • Moisture is the key to skin beauty. Dry hands can cause ugly hurtful cracks and healing can take longer than expected without the right treatment. This hand cream will calm your skin and keep your skin moist all day. Now make your skin smooth with a refreshing finish!
  • Hand creams usually contain a strong & artificial fragrance. Hydrating your hand is essential, but selecting the right hand cream derived from natural ingredients is far more important than simple fragrance. Nature Republic's hand cream is not only derived from natural ingredients but also has a great natural aloe scent.


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