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primera Micellar 5.5 Cleansing Water

primera Micellar 5.5 Cleansing Water

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The mild and moisturizing light acidic cleansing water that removes makeup thoroughly even for sensitive skin and soothes the skin with a smooth and refreshing finish.

Contains Micellar Water to remove makeup and impurities and supply water at the same time for a moisturizing finish.

Reduces skin irritation even for sensitive skin and enhances the cleansing capacity to remove heavy makeup thoroughly.

Contains chamomile flower extracts and witch-hazel leaf extracts to help with skin soothing. The oil-free water-soluble cleanser feels refreshing.

10-Free formula is composed of mild ingredients that are safe for the skin.

How To

Dampen a cotton pad with cleansing water to wipe off face and remove makeup. Place the cotton pad for a while over the sensitive eye area and lip area for more careful cleansing.


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