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primera Natural Berry Lip Balm

primera Natural Berry Lip Balm

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A lip balm formulated with nourishing sea berry extracts to supply nutrition and 10% murumuru butter to hydrate and  form a protective barrier for fragile lips.

The rich texture smoothly glides on the lips to add radiance and vitality.

If your lips are drying out due to dry weather and external aggressors, add vitality with lip balm during the day and apply lip mask thoroughly before going to bed. Just as you supply nourishment with skincare before makeup, create a moist protective barrier with Natural Berry Lip Line before you apply lip makeup. You can keep your lips moist and lively all day.

4g (5 colors)

No Mineral oil, animal ingredients, silicon, and artificial fragrance.

  • Colorless (Natural)
  • Pink
  • Coral
  • Peach Coral
  • Cherry Red
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