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primera Skin Relief Waterproof Sun Block SPF50+/PA+++

primera Skin Relief Waterproof Sun Block SPF50+/PA+++

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An outdoor sunscreen strong against water and sweat to protect the skin with its powerful sunscreen effect. The water-based formula applies smoothly and lightly with hydration and the waterdrops burst upon application to cool the heated skin. It penetrates refreshingly with a matte finish after application. It is easily removed with any foam cleanser and soap. Natural essential oils(eucalyptus,rosemary,emongrass, avender) are blended for a crisp and refreshing scent.

The Water Barrier™ Technology instantly forms a powerful sunscreen barrier strong against water and perspiration to protect the skin.

How To

Spread evenly on areas that are easily exposed such as the face, neck, arms, and legs in the last step of skincare or before makeup.


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