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Gold Thanatos

You Glit Up My Life

You Glit Up My Life

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Never will you see glitter like this before, soft on the skin formula that magically changes color with the angle of light. Goes perfect with glitter primer as eyeshadow, can also be used all over the body for that extra touch and even on the hair for the most outrageous looks.

Comes in nine different shades:

  • Extravagance
  • Vogue All Night
  • Bling Bling!
  • Luminous Queen
  • Heaven's Dream
  • Dazzle Me Baby
  • True Lust
  • Gimme Euphoria
  • That's Hot!

Net Wt. 0.09 oz / 2.5 g


polyethylena terephthalate, epoxy copolymer , aluminium, colorant

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